A New Approach

Changing the way loans are originated and serviced

Regulatory changes have created numerous challenges that present unfamiliar territory for even the best run organizations. Our approach to these challenges is to combine innovative ideas, streamlined process improvement and technology driven solutions to provide you with an efficient, sustainable, cost effective operation. Not only do we provide you with the BIG picture but also with the detailed steps on how to operationalize the vision including experienced program, project and change managers and other services to reach the end goal. The difference is in our results.

Review Services

Due Diligence
Loan Reviews
Quality Control

Loan Authenticator

A proprietary analytical tool that locates and corrects servicing errors on adjustable rate loans and modifications at a fraction of the cost of traditional sampling approaches.

Management Solutions

Program Management
Change Management
Project Management
Staffing Solutions

Supportive Services

Document Management
Policy & Procedure Development
Acquisitions and Sales Assistance
Special Projects

Try something new

A fresh approach to help you optimize your potential.

“……we were tired of firms that utilized traditional methods that didn’t provide us with positive results. The Utopian Group provided us with fresh ideas, superior service, and expertise that had a direct positive impact to our bottom line. We recognized the opportunity to experience extraordinary achievements and chose The Utopian Group – you can’t afford not to engage them..” CEO, Mortgage Bank


“Their analytical tools saved us 80% of what we were planning on spending and provided us with more thorough results than had we performed the work ourselves. We plan to use them on all our future acquisitions” VP , Operations Large Regional Mortgage Company


Providing solutions that are creative and “out of the box”. We listen to your needs and provide you with solutions that meet or exceed those needs. We will walk you through your thought process to understand your goals and provide you with our take on the industry along the way. We won’t give you yesterday’s news or regurgitate answers – we will provide you with innovative solutions that fit your organization now and well into the future.


With decades of experience in assisting organizations in reaching their goals, our staff is highly experienced in all aspects of organizational structure and management. You can be confident that you will receive subject matter expertise with every engagement.

Bottom Line Oriented

ROI driven solutions, it’s a way of life for us. We manage your project as if we had invested our own funds. We maximize your organization’s efficiency by designing streamlined processes and applying technology where technology makes sense, be it for controls, cost reduction or process optimization.